Mammoth Volcom and stuff

Pat and I had a great time up in Mammoth. The snow was good, no crowds and great weather. We went to check out the Volcom Skatepark and there was no one there, so I rolled around a bit. This was my first run.

And here is another.

The skating is kinda lame I know but hey, I was all by myself, been boarding all day and it's at like 8 million ft elevation! But for some of you have not been there, you can see that the place is pretty cool! flow for ever.

Here is a clip on the mountain.

I shot this non stop from up on the saddle, down this ridge along a big cliff and then dropped into a steep section and then bombed all the way to the parking lot.


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CIAO Baby!

CIAO Baby!

The park looks super fun !

The park looks super fun ! Did you hit the cradle ?

It's only puffy when it's swollen.

colin wrote: The park looks


The park looks super fun ! Did you hit the cradle ?


Yeah, but only a few times and I only got half way up. It was wierd, it felt like you had to go super fast togo any higher because I wouldgo into it with what I thought was way too much speed and it wouldn't be enough.

I wasn't there too long. It's hard to get pumped up without the Bro's around.

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