Powerflex Skateboards

I saw a kid at Etnies skatepark today with a POWERFLEX SKATEBOARDS t-shirt and the logo was identical to the old stickers that I have (minus the HB address) i didn't ask him where he got it, it didn't look like a vintage T though... are they among the companies that are starting up again?? This shirt was new and the kid was like 13 so I know he aint rollin a vintage Powerflex T.


All that shit is available

All that shit is available on-line / Yeah call us when you go!! Which Rath is this?

This is Steve Rath, youngest

This is Steve Rath, youngest bro of Mike and Scott, I was just a young punk of 9 or 10 yrs old during Skatopia's hey days. I will let you guys know when Scott and I go skate...we try to hit up Vans, Etnies & Upland's fullpipe when we can...we are both local to Orange County still. Mike is in Las Vegas but I saw him over the holidays, he has a killer vintage long sleeve Skatopia shirt with "Skatopia Team" down the arm and the "staff" logo on the front, still rocking it.

I went to school with Scott

I went to school with Scott at Kennedy class of "84" My wife was "83" We live in La Palma not far from Ken Hada, my daughter goes to school with an Asley Rath I dont know if she is a neice or daughter or even related. call us when you skate Ken, Amy and me skate together 3 or 4 times a week.

Scott is in La Palma as

Scott is in La Palma as well, Ashley is his daughter....Scott sometimes trolls around on the website here I think.

I remember skating with

I remember skating with Scott a few times at Skatopia. Mike was the person who hired me.

I have driven through La

I have driven through La Palma before... Even stopped at Dales a couple of times... lol As for Powerflex, does anyone remember Tony Shutz? (sp?) His older brother sold my grandmothers house for me in Long Beach. Tony used to skate at Skatopia quite a bit. Clean cut kid, always nice. Must have been something wrong with him... lol . . ~B~
Skate tough, skate hard, skate till you drop!

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