Old School Skaters list

On CD, Arab posted a list of skaters who attneded the OSSJ. I poached this list in hopes hopes of listing ALL Old School Skaters. Let me know who is missing. BTW if you skate back in the 70's this includes you.

Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew
Jan Ackerman
Jay Alabamy
Micke Alba
Steve Alba
Ray Allen
Tony Alva
Kevin Anderson
Dave Andrecht
Ozzie Ausband
Waldo Autry
Steve Badillo
Bob Ballou
Larry Balma
Ricky Barnes
Jonny Ray Bartel
Danny Bearer
Kelly Bellmar
Bob Biniak
Rick Blackhart
Neil Blender
Danielle Bostick
Don Bostick
Brad Bowman
Bobby Boyden
Brian Brannon
Michael Bream
Grant Brittain
Beau Brown
Stan Byers
Steve Caballero
Buddy Carr
David Carrasco
Rene Carrasco
Richie Carrasco
James Cassimus
Steve Cathey
Chris Chaput

Barret Deck
Steve Claar
Cliff Coleman
Paul Constantineau
Chris Cook
Jeff Croteau
Brandon Cruz
Sam Cunningham
Bill Danforth
Dave Dash
Gary Davis GSD
Steve Day
Darrel Delgado
Adrian Demain
Freddie DeSota
Art Dickey
Bill Dohr
Brad Dorfman
Eric Dressen
Dave Duncan
Scott Dunlap
Ed Economy
Brad Edwards
Eddie Elguera
Steve Ellis
Brad Ellman
Ron Emory
Skip Engblom
Leilani Evans Kiyabu
Steve Evans
Tom Fain
Dave Ferry
Don Fischer
Ray Flores
Mike Folmer
Scott Foss
Glen E. Friedman
Benji Galloway
Alan "Ollie" Gelfand
Art Godoy
Steve Godoy

Jim Goodrich
Joel Gomez
Jim Goodrich
Jim Gray
John Grigley
Marty Grimes
Eric Grisham
Eric "Arab" Groff
Nathan Groff
Tom Groholski
Jeff Grosso
Tony Guerrero
David Hackett

Bennett Harada
Don Hamilton
Kevin Harris
Omar Hassan
Tony Hawk
Curtis Hesselgrave
Henry Hester
Lonnie Hiramoto
Mike Hirsch
Steve Hirsch
Jeff Ho
April Hoffman
Mr. pipeline Hoffman
Marc Hollander
Steve Holt
Howard Hood

Christian Hosoi
Chuck Hults
Wes Humpston
Tay Hunt
John Hutson
Howie Idelson
Blake Ingram
Tom Inouye
Jason Jessee
Marty Jiminez
Todd Johnson
Hunter Joslin
Randy Katen
Juice Magazine
Bryce Kanights
Mitch Kaufmann
Andy Kessler
Curt Kimbell
Jim Knight
Tom Knox
Mike Kreski
Lance Lamond
Mitch Lantow
Bruce Logan
Vinnie Lopez
Alan Losi
John Lucero
Kelly Lynn
Jerry Madrid
Tony Magnusson
Sean Mallard
Dennis Martinez
Jesse Martinez
Tim Marting
Mike Mcgill
Dave "Fats" McIntire
Keith Meek
Rob Mertz
Darrel Miller
Wynn Miller
Lance Mountain
Deano Mueller
James Muir
Mark Munski
Aaron "Fingers" Murray
Eric Nash
Bob Neishi
Pat Ngoho
Monty Nolder
D. David Morin
Layne Oakes
Scott Obradovich
Peggy Oki
Steve Olson
James O'Mahoney
George Orton
Brian Patch
Tim Payne
Lou Peralta
Stacy Peralta
Duane Peters
Jake Piasecki
Jimmy Plumer
George Powell
Riki Rachtman
Marty Ramos
Charlie Ransom
Eddie Reatigui
Mike Rector
Kevin Reed
Mark Richards
Bryan Ridgeway
Everett Rosecrans
Kelly Rosecrans
Kevin Rucks
Dave Ruel
Billy Ruff
Steve "Shrewgy" Ruge
Alan Sacks
Doug Saladino
Rod Saunders
Mark Schmid
Paul Schmitt
Ben Schroeder
Kent Senatore
Bill Sharp
Skatemaster Tate
Bob Skoldberg
Buck Smith
Dale Smith
Jack Smith
Jay Smith
Marc Smith
Mike Smith
Kevin Staab
Scott Starr
C.R. Stecyk III
Mike Stelmasky
Keith Stephenson
Butch Sterbins
Chris Strople
Tod Swank
Dave Swift
Ted Terrebonne
Kevin Thatcher
Jerry Valdez
Mike Vallely
Steve Van Doren
Arthur Viecco
Ralf "Pogo" Vogt
Miki Vukovich
Bill Wahl
Bruce Walker
Mic Walker
Mark Waters
Chris Weddle
Per Welinder
Cindy Whitehead
Marlon Whitfield
George Wilson
Chris Yandall

Bill Billing,

Todd Harrison,

Brian Karr,

Joe Woods,

Scott Bunnel,

Perry Peterson,

Kyle Jennsen,

Sonny Miller,

Art Minunguard,

Jeff Tatum,

Jeff Voegeli,

Mitch Long,

Mark Isbell,

Jim Isbell,

Chip Morton,

Tim Noel,

Steve Sherman,

Todd Finney,

Phil Mallado,

Joe Dwral.

Christian Hosoi

Brian Martin

Tom Siembieda

Ellen Berryman

Ellen Oneal

Laura Thornhill

Robin Logan

Kim Cespedes

Barb Odanaka

MIke Speranzo

Ed Womble

George McClellan

Bruce Mason

Mike Daly

Carla Perales

Peggy Turner

Cara-Beth Burnside

Ken Hada, Toby Woller Clark Staub, Brian Martin, Chuck Lantz, Bobby Lantz, Dale Arden, Matt Cook, Bob Dornewierd, Kelly Belmar, Amy Pike, Jerry Matta, "John John", t-bone, Kelly Martin(and her little brother), Garth Dale, Kim Adrian, Perry Peterson, Joe Wood, Eric Groff, Todd Barnes, Pat Brown, Ron Emory, Mike Roche, Tony Howlett, Jerry Hurtado "Skate Master Tate", Eskimo, Scotty, Susan Whitingham, Alfredo Reyes, Charlene, Micki, Yuki, Tom Scholtz, Terry Tice, Kuda Tice, Ken Mcguire, Groovy Russ, John Lucero, Tom Wally Inouye, Ray - Bones Rodriguez, Mike Rath, Scott Rath, Jim Brewer, Geri, Smily, Marcus Vasquez, Everett Rosecrans, Beetle, Rich Rose, Darin Menasium, Niel Blender, Skip Disney, Martin Disney, Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta, Russ Howell, Micki Alba, Steve Alba, Lester Kasai, Brad Dorfman, Bill Billing, Dan Colburn.


 Yeah, I never make those

 Yeah, I never make those lists... Move to BFE and then your forgotten... lol

Skate tough, skate hard, skate till you drop!

Hey, where is Christian

Hey, where is Christian Hosoi?  Me and my son are big fans of Christian Hosoi........................yes even though we are from the east coast!

Gator , Hada

Gator , Hada

....and it ain't too beaucoup.

So, what was this OSSJ? Old

So, what was this OSSJ? Old school skaters jam?

I know all those people didn't attend.

Anyway, the list is kind of funny. It would obviously run into the thousands or tens of thousands because there were a lot of us who skated back in the 70's. I mean, is there a criteria? skaters who were in magazines, skaters who were sponsored, skaters who competed, skaters that Arab knew of? I skated most everywhere and skated with or knew most of the people on that list, but I never knew Arab.

And while he is one of my dearest friends and I have known him since 78, And he is obviously one of the best skate photographers ever, I have only seen Grant Brittain ride a skateboard one time. But I guess that means he skated in the 70's?

Anyway, I guess I would have to add;

Bill Billing, Todd Harrison, Brian Karr, Joe Woods, Scott Bunnel, Perry Peterson, Kyle Jennsen, Sonny Miller, Art Minunguard, Jeff Tatum, Jeff Voegeli, Mitch Long, Mark Isbell, Jim Isbell, Chip Morton, Tim Noel, Steve Sherman, Todd Finney, Phil Mallado, Joe Dwral........That's just off the top of my head and those people are not on the list and everyone of them was a hard core skater in the 70's and all of us meet one or all of the above criteria except that they never met or heard of Arab.

Brent Lyles, Brad Jackman.

Brent Lyles, Brad Jackman. Jana Payne ( Neil Blender, Mike and Steve Hirsche) skated for Woodflex, You forgot Johnny Walker (Simms) remember his double wide board. 


haha some of these guys

haha some of these guys didn't skate until the 80s but now they are definitely oldschool.  Its great seeing some of the old names, takes me back to UASA? Annybody remember cars of the stars?


More like drive them

More like drive them everywhere, Woodflex was owned by a lawnmower repair shop on Chapman and Euclid by the Old Vans Store.  They used  to give me all the paperwork to tthe paperwork to turn in, and a list of places to go.   i was the ripe old age of 16, and only got recruited because  Neil couldn't drive.  We had some fun times. there are more names I could give you i really picked my brain.


If you ever run across any

If you ever run across any photos from that time period we would love to see them. Dale dont make up stories.

OG member of UASA  rode the

OG member of UASA  rode the first Skatopia contest and Cars Of Stars with the Lewellen's. Vans team with Amy.  I remember going to the Woodflex wherehouse once got 3 boards and a bunch of shirts. Thats my skating resume. Tons of free shit.  

You know back then we didn't

You know back then we didn't carry a cell phone to capture pictures at any minute.  Yes Skatopia later opened that warehouse up there by the river off of Ball/Sunkist.  I had a ton of crap in my Mom's garage like  i told you from that time period, not a whole lot of pictures, talk to Neil about those, i am sure there are many he took.  Unfortunately, its been lost over my travels.   

By the way, what size were the boards? 8.5 or 9.5...lol

I would love to see those pictures of that time period again.


Yes, it ran in the industrial

Yes, it ran in the industrial park right along the Santa Ana River..Ken.  You know where that El Torito is on State College and Ball, there is a road that runs right after that into  a road that runs parallel to the Santa Ana River. 



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