Vans Pool Party 2016 Photo #20

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Vans Pool Party 2016


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Ken Hada



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Photo #20 - I love skateboarding, so the pro finals always blow my mind. I was sitting there with my kids and my old friend Toby Woller. Toby told me a story of how he saw Grisham do a foot plant (Tobys first time seeing this manuver) at a Skatopia contest back in the late 1970's. After that contest Toby quickly learned this trick, and for a few days he was one of a handful of people who knew that trick. That how it was back then, if you localized a skatepark you pretty much saw history go down on a daily basis. Flash forward and here we are again nearly 40 years later watching the best skaters in the world compete in their Skatopia doing their upgraded footplants. You might wonder who would keep such a important thing alive for so long? Who would create such a wonderful gathering for all of these people who love skateboarding so much? - refer to photo #12