Joe Wood

Skateboarding Image: 

11/25/2006 Joe Wood

skate location: 

Old Bro Ramp




Ken Hada



image description: 

I first met Joe Wood (musician, skateboarder, T.S.O.L., in a skateboard park called Skatopia (located in Buena Park California back in 1978-1979. Joe along with Perry Peterson, and Scott Bunnel would inhabit the pool at Skatopia (a tiny tight little thing with noting and hand surrounded by hand rails. Only the cool guys and advanced skaters localized this pool ( I was neither). The 3 were dressed in cut off shorts made from old man pants, old man shirts, and Natzi helmets obtained from Goodwill (yeah they were thrifting about 40 years before it became the trend that it is today. And the old man shirts and cut off shorts look suspiciously similar to the offerings from every mall surf shop across the globe today. To a 12 year old they were larger than life. I would go near the bowl and try to start a conversation, they would reply in the same manner a big brother would speak to his sibling, snarls and indifference (they were great). This image was taken in 2006 in a backyard ramp called the Old Bro in Carlsbad California. What is most interesting to me is Joe's skate style is exactly the same as the old days.