International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirms Skateboarding in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Todays news about skateboarding being included in the 2020 Olympics made some skaters happy and other's sad. The road to the 2020 Olympics may be the last time we can look at skateboarding as it was. I personally think that it was a inevitable thing, and actually thought it would have happened a long time ago in the early 1980's. So how will skateboarding in the Olympics affect the current state of skateboarding? I guess if you are like me in that you don't have enough skills on a skateboard to fight your way out of a paper bag you won't have too much to get used too. Your parks and spots will be more crowded, and there will be more kooks around. Plus your gear might get more expensive. I guess the small to midsize skate organizations might feel the affects of Olympic Gold the most. Small mom and pop skateboard shops and manufacturers might find it hard to compete against Dicks Sporting Goods. Small media companies may become less necessary compared to the global news outlets. You get the idea, NBC might put Screech in there with Bob Costas in order to smooth out Bob's site "cred". And what will happen to women's skateboarding? Will there be a need to nurture the thing that may soon become as common and female ice skating?

Maybe very little will change. If the sport is not well received by the viewing public it may not be included in the Olympics beyond Tokyo 2020. And even if it is permanently picked up, maybe there will be two types of skaters those who do it solely for their own purpose and those who wish to make a career out of it? It might take decades for skateboarding to become engrained in main stream culture like tennis or baseball.

In the end we can say for sure that change is on the horizon for skateboarding. In the past years there have been trace evidence of change with organizations and individuals in the skateboard world. And of course change is normally good, but rarely painless.If you really think about it the Olympics can't change the essence of skateboarding. Most likely the games will bring new people to skateboarding who will love it just like you do and others who will view the sport has a vehicle for their personal advancement (just like it is right now). I will be more than a little "verklempt" seeing some of my friends and heroes walking with other athlete during opening ceremony. Not to mention seeing a skater podium while the national anthem plays.


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