Gale Webb and George Cadillac Deville

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Gale Web and George Cadillac Deville Mitsubishi demo Cypress California
Apollo and Corey Funk Mitsubishi demo Cypress California




Ken Hada



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I remember Gale Webb coming to Skatopia with a gang of kids. It was sort of like skating on the same session with Doris Day. Not that she was bubbly like Doris, Gale was not afraid to skate. So when I heard she was running a demo down the street at one of the Mitsubishi corporate buildings Apollo and I went to check it out. To my surprise among the usual myriad of scooters and bikers there was Caddy doing tricks during the demo. Apollo was excited about seeing a guy named Corey Funk, and was over the moon when Caddy took him over to meet him. Thank you Caddy!